Since our founding in 1985 as a grassroots volunteer organization, we have initiated—and/or joined forces with other groups  to promote—various projects, programs and activities that protect the environment of Accabonac. Some of these include:


    A beach clean up in progress

    Facilitated land acquisitions: Weitzman, Kligman, Dodge, Filipelli, Nivola and Potter, as well as parcels on Gerard, small lots throughout Springs (it’s an ongoing effort!)

  • Created a plan and gained Town approval for preservation of Louse Point and Gerard Point including: removal of asphalt and roadbed; plantings to arrest erosion; installation of attractive fencing to establish appropriate foot paths; and erection of signs to identify the Points and encourage positive behavior
  • Contributed to the creation of the Nature Preserve Management Plan for Louse Point
  • Persuaded the Town to establish a No-Driving zone on Louse Point Beach
  • Contributed to the first Open Marsh Water Management project on Accabonac and gave ongoing OMWM support
  • Fought bad mosquito abatement policies and practices, bad development attempts and behaviors that could negatively affect Accabonac
    • Rewarded outstanding contributions of various kinds by bestowing our Friend of the Creek Award on individuals who have benefitted Accabonac
    • Urged the Town to offer tax incentives to facilitate replacement of old underground oil tanks and encouraged a similar approach for replacement of old septic systems
This way to the organic garden tour!

This way to the organic garden tour!

  • Pushed to have Harbor Protection Overlay District enacted (and we continue to lobby for upgrades that would include the entire actual watershed)
  • Produced forums to educate the public on issues of concern: coastal erosion, the effects of sea level rise, threats to water quality, good landscaping practices
  • Conducted water quality testing for two years under guidance of Cornell Cooperative Extension and East Hampton Natural Resources Department
  • Sponsored numerous plantings for erosion control on Gerard Point and Louse Point
  • Did “unplantings” to help remove noxious invasives; supported Natural Resources Department and Group for the East End in Japanese Knotweed removal, then replanted with beach grass at Louse Point
Boats at Louse Point

Boats at Louse Point

  • Persuaded Town Trustees to provide and enforce rules for use of portable watercraft at Louse Point and Gerard Point, especially regarding overnight storage
  • Held “View Tour” and “Organic Garden Tour” to raise awareness and funds
  • Were among the first and longest ongoing “Adopt-a-Road” groups (Louse Point Road, Gerard Drive and Landing Lane)
  • Participated in all Great East End and International Beach Clean Ups, plus co-produced “Springs Spring Cleanings”
  • Sponsored IMAGES OF ACCABONAC, an multimedia art show featuring artists’ vision of Accabonac Creek and its surroundings
  • Involved local school groups—from elementary classes through high school—in plantings and clean ups
  • Participated in the first “A Day In Springs” festival with our Anything That Floats Regatta
Adopt a road sign

Adopt a road sign

  • Sponsored a booth every year in the annual Fisherman’s Fair (second Saturday in August), with our ever-popular quiz game for children and adults to “Test your Creek IQ”
  • Supported creation of the Community Preservation Fund and all open-space initiatives
  • Contributed to the East Hampton Comprehensive Plan, Peconic Estuary Program and establishment of Peconic Baykeeper
  • Requested Nature Preserve Committee to prevent further erosion at Pussy’s Pond by replanting grassy area and designating other parking area
  • Recommended Weitzman purchase be renamed Barbara Hale Reserve and urged that it be maintained as meadow, a valuable and rapidly disappearing ecosystem
  • Sponsored Cile Downs’ creation and production of a series of video programs titled Long Live Accabonac! currently showing on YouTube; also available for sale and at local libraries
  • Co-sponsored A PRFCT EARTH DAY with The Perfect Earth Project to provide expert advice on keeping toxins out of your yard and out of our water.
  • Went into partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County and East Hampton Town to help fund a project to identify nitrogen sources in Accabonac Harbor.



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