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Green Living is series of articles written by Cile Downs, APC Steering Committee member and passionate defender of our natural environment. The informative stories, which originally appeared in the East Hampton Star, offer a wide variety of ecologically friendly ways to lighten your footprint on the planet and on our beautiful Creek.

Beyond Organic

Is it really so important to buy organic and buy locally? The answer is a resounding YES! … for many reasons.

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Global Warning

Do what you can to help the planet … energy-efficient lightbulbs can make a significant difference … if we all use them

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Organic Gardening

Eliminate those pesticides and herbicides to make a real contribution to your health and the well-being of our land and groundwater.

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Some recycling methods are better than others … learn what items are nearly as good as new when they are recycled.

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The Windmill

An East Hampton couple makes a unique contribution to the struggle against global warming … by harnessing the wind and sun.

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Unintended Consequences

Better safe than sorry …chemicals can have dire consequences for species they are not intended to control.

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Why Organic?

Did you know approximately 75% of conventionally grown produce contains residue from at least one pesticide?

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Composting For Beginners

So you think you haven’t time to compost? Nothing could be simpler if you just know how and why.

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Solve the mysteries of mulch … learn how mulch helps your garden hold moisture and discourage weeds.

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Organic Lawn Care

It means a lot more than not using chemicals … and it’s healthier for you, your world and your lawn.

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The Alien Invaders

Learn to identify the plants that seem to be taking over our landscape … and how essential it is to eliminate them.

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The Treated Wood Problem

The Town of East Hampton bans certain types of wood for use near water … and you probably don’t want them on your property.

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What's Biodegradable

And just as critical … what ISN’T biodegradable? And how do nonbiodegradable materials affect the ecosystems we all inhabit?

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